BIG BUCK DOWN . . . deer hunting video

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Uploaded by  on Nov 27, 2009

This deer hunting video starts a little weird with the hunter talking about the hunt and the deer being down already. This gives you the impression that he is just going to show the recovery and not the actual hunt.  Go ahead and keep watching because he does show the hunt and we decided it was worth adding the Best Deer Hunting Videos collection.

The actual hunt footage starts with the big buck cruising  down a wood line in a crp filed heading right to the hunter.  The hunt is self filmed so we all know the challenges that brings.  He made the mistake of hanging his pack on a limb in front of him and it almost cost him getting this buck on film. But over all he held his composure and made it happen.  He had to wait until the buck  could be seen past his bag which was right in front of the camera.  You can see the buck and his antlers and part of the shoulder sticking out past his bag when he pulled back his HOYT and settled the pin.  You can hear the arrow smack home and the deer runs out into the field about 40 or 50 yards, stops and then falls over all on film.



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